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          Introduction of Yongfeng Lingang Project
          SOURCE: AUTHOR:Pan Dong, Huang Ping, Guo Shixing DATE:23 March 2023
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          In 2022, the Yongfeng Lingang project passed the environmental protection A-level performance enterprise evaluation of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, and was selected into the industrial tourism demonstration base of Shandong Province, making Yongfeng Lingang known as a "Green Steel" enterprise. In December 2022, as the first full-process intelligent factory from raw materials to finished products in the industry, Yongfeng Lingang project was rated as "National Full-process Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Factory" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

          As the overall designer, MCC Huatian undertook all the engineering design of the project except sintering and pelletizing, giving full play to its advantages in metallurgical industry consolidation, and designed a modern factory covering an area of more than 4,600 mu (about 757.6 acres) with the concept of "high efficiency, circulation, high-end, environmental protection and intelligence" and the standards of "integrated operation, efficient production and diversified functions", which quickly became an industry benchmark.

          Green impression from the whole to details

          Entering Yongfeng Iron and Steel Culture Industry Park, where Phase 1 project of Yongfeng Lingang Advanced Excellent Special Steel Industrial Base is located, the first impression is that it is clean and tidy, which is more like a public than a factory.

          The Phase 1 project of Yongfeng Lingang Advanced Excellent Special Steel Industrial Base adopts a straight-line overall layout, in which it can be seen that all the regions are arranged in an orderly manner according to the steel production process. The process flow is smooth and reasonable, and the division of each process is clear. Roads and energy medium pipelines are smooth, orderly, and beautiful and reasonable in design. The gray factory building constitutes the main color of the factory area, and between the factory area and the road, various flowers and trees are planted, and various cultural products are placed, adding a lot of nature and agility to the whole area, which shows the meticulous and ingenious layout of MCC Huatian designers and the high-end taste of Yongfeng.

          Greenness is an inevitable choice for the high-quality development of iron and steel industry. In the specific design of Yongfeng Lingang factories and production areas, the ingenious design of environmental protection can be seen everywhere.

          In designing the general layout, the designer fully studied the topography and surrounding environment within the battery limit, rationally arranged the connection between the factory gate and the peripheral roads, and on this premise, rationally arranged the main logistics and people flow passages in the factory, so as to optimize the logistics and energy medium pipelines as much as possible to reduce investment and operating costs.

          In the comprehensive raw material yard, after the raw materials and fuels are dumped from train dumpers, automobiles, all of them are transported to users by belt conveyors, and all in-plant automobile transportation is cancelled. All unloading areas and yards are environmentally friendly and closed; and exhaust de-dusting or fine mist dust suppression is applied for varied dust generation point and material shed to realized zero dust emission for the whole raw material yard.

          In the ironmaking area, on the basis of adopting a large number of advanced technologies, the blast furnace applies a large number of environmental protection equipment and technologies, such as pneumatic transportation of dust removed from cast house and stockhouse to the raw material yard for centralized treatment, full recovery of pressure equalizing gas and bled gas, desulfurization treatment of waste gas from hot blast stove, and one ladle hot metal transfer to realize green environmental protection.

          In the steelmaking area, adoption of the "one-ladle”  hot metal supply system to reduce the temperature drop of hot metal and smoke pollution caused by reladling, and realize clean production in melting shop. The converter flue gas purification system adopts a new dry dust removal process, and the hood is lowered, and the system emission concentration is ≤ 10 mg/m. Technology of automatic converter gas recovery and lowered hood is also adopted, with gas recovery per ton of liquid steel up to 135m3. A new type of "roll breaking + hot stewing" method is adopted for primary treatment of converter steel slag, and hot splashing treatment is adopted for refining slag and casting residue. The whole treatment process adopts wet electric dust removal process to realize ultra-low emission in steelmaking slag treatment.

          Intelligence from raw materials yard to steel rolling

          Throughout the whole project, besides the greenness at a glance, intelligence is another remarkable feature. Responding to the national acceleration in promoting the development trend of traditional industries towards high-end and intelligence, MCC Huatian innovatively applied the world's leading intelligent smelting technology from stock yard to rolling for Yongfeng Lingang Project.
          In the design of ironmaking and steelmaking, the application of intelligent technology is particularly prominent. A number of patented technologies with independent intellectual property rights of MCC Huatian have been adopted in the design of blast furnace, especially the patented technology of hidden track and the patented technology of anti-expansion and anti-leakage blast furnace longevity. The patented technology of hidden track applied to the vibrating screen of stockhouse realizes the mobile maintenance of equipment without track, which makes the platform surface pass smoothly and solves the problem of ash accumulation caused by slotting on the platform surface. The application of anti-expansion and anti-leakage long-life technology of blast furnace can effectively alleviate the rising phenomenon of blast furnace caused by blind plate force and lining expansion by taking measures such as fixing copper sheet to cut off gas at the bottom and hearth of furnace, slanting and locking brick lining and double-layer bottom plate structure. In addition, one-key uniform injection of dense phase pulverized coal transportation and coal injection technology, soft water closed circulation control and leak detection technology have also been applied.

          In design for steelmaking system, a series of world-leading intelligent smelting processes and advanced equipment are adopted. For example, the scrap classification and identification system is adopted to automatically identify scrap types and automatically accumulate scrap types into the furnace through crane logistics tracking and fixed material storage. The converter iLance intelligent control system integrating machine learning, data mining and intelligent sensing technology is applied to reduce converter splash and point blowing, and improve operation level. The intelligent process control of LF furnace is adopted to realize the whole process production optimization and automatic control from ladle in-and-out, reduce alloy consumption, shorten refining cycle and reduce refining production cost. Adopting advanced high speed continuous caster and integrated intelligent control system of casting and rolling, the high-efficiency direct rolling process of 16-meter fixed-length billet is realized, and the direct rolling rate is more than 95%, resulting in improved yield and the energy consumption.

          In order to adapt to the development trend of intelligent raw material yard in iron and steel industry, intelligent process selection, unmanned operation of stacker/reclaimer, intelligent inventory and intelligent blending are fully considerred when designing comprehensive raw material yard so as to achieve deep integration of production chain with intelligence.

          Bright performance from yield to energy consumption

          After 11 months of construction, in July 2021, the whole line of Yongfeng Lingang Project was completed and put into operation, which achieved designed production capacity and efficiency when it was put into operation, and the technical indicators were leading in the industry, laying a solid foundation for the social and economic development of Linyi Port Area, accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province, and building a world-class advanced manufacturing cluster. At the same time, many industry entities were attracted to it for study,  achieving good economic and social benefits.

          On-site, the benefits brought by excellent design are maximized from the whole to the local. Reducing the temperature loss of hot metal and molten steel has become an important measure to reduce the production cost of iron and steel enterprises. In the design of Yongfeng Lingang Project, design team of MCC Huatian rationally arranged the production process, reduced the space between blast furnace and steelmaking with island layout, shortened the transportation distance of hot metal, and broke the conventional mode of horizontal charging of hot metal into charging bay of melting shop into a vertical charging bay, which significantly reduced the temperature loss of hot metal and molten steel and directly saved costs. In addition, the two 1350m3 blast furnaces in this project innovatively adopt a common cast house which is rare in China, and only need a 9-person team to manage, which obviously improves human efficiency, as well as production efficiency.

          After the project was put into production, it met the production requirements of high output, low cost and excellent quality in all directions, and became a well-deserved industry benchmark. Among them, all indexes of blast furnace are in the leading position among blast furnaces of the same grade in China, and the utilization coefficient and output are in the absolute forefront, with obvious energy consumption advantages. Converter ladle turnover rate is also in the leading position in the industry, and the production efficiency is outstanding. Compared with the traditional production line, the gas consumption of steel rolling reheating furnace is saved by about 70%, and the power consumption per ton of steel is saved by about 13%.

          Through this project, MCC Huatian has also earned multiple honors or achievements: the core invention patent of steel rolling technology, "the process of producing rebar by two-stage controlled rolling and controlled cooling after rolling", won the silver award of the 7th Anhui Patent Award, and the invention patent, "the online adjustment system and method of water tank parameters based on the temperature difference between the head and tail of rolled pieces", won the Excellence Award of the 9th Anhui Patent Award; a set of 100MW ultra-high temperature sub-critical gas power generation facilities newly built in the supporting gas power generation project achieves a power generation unit consumption of 2.62 Nm3 blast furnace gas/kWh, reaching the lowest blast furnace gas unit consumption level of the same capacity in China; the BIM technology collaborative design adopted in gas power generation project won the first prize of BIM Design Competition of China Metallurgical Group in 2021 and the second prize of BIM Application Competition of Jiangsu Survey and Design Industry.

          As the national team of metallurgical construction and operation service provider, MCC Huatian has 31 qualifications with complete categories and diverse specialties, including the highest-level comprehensive engineering design qualification (Grade A) in China. It has successively made overall plans for the construction of major domestic enterprises such as Magang (Group) Holding Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Jinan Wen Feng Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and accumulated strong technical advantages and rich engineering experiences.

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